Animal Hospital of Verona offers ultrasonography, a safe and non-invasive imaging technique for diagnosing and treating sick or injured pets.

Canine Ultrasound at Animal Hospital of VeronaAn ultrasound uses sound waves, rather than radiation, to penetrate internal organs. X-ray images use radioactive light and can only pick up dense body parts (such as bone and cartilage), but cannot show detail of tissues. Small, fine details that cannot be seen on x-rays may be easily seen on ultrasound.

Similar to sonar technology, an ultrasound transmits high-frequency sound waves into the body. These sound waves penetrate the body at different rates depending on the density of the structures in the line of the beam. The result is that the organs of the body can be seen in real-time and analyzed for evidence of disease.

This diagnostic imaging method enables virtually anything internal to be visible, allowing veterinarians to detect:
  • bladder stones
  • kidney stones
  • obstructions
  • cysts
  • pregnancy
  • tumors
  • heart problems
  • abnormal growth
  • and more

Guided by the ultrasound images, biopsy and fluid samples can be safely and easily obtained from your pet without performing invasive and costly surgery.

Dr. Chris Voss has a special interest in veterinary ultrasound and has been performing ultrasonography on patients at our hospital since 2001.

If your pet is experiencing illness or injury, we are here to help. Please call us today at 608-845-6700.