dog laser therapy 400pxLaser therapy is a non-invasive service used to treat acute and chronic conditions.

How it Works

The laser, simply put, is a beam of light that interacts with the cells in the body by emitting a specific amount of energy and power into a focused area to promote healing and decrease inflammation and pain. It’s like a warm, soothing massage for your pet!

Laser therapy can help to treat a wide variety of conditions, but in this short article, we focus on how it can help manage your pet’s pain. The majority of the pets we are treating or have treated at AHOV have some sort of pain/discomfort associated with arthritis. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints caused by deterioration of the cartilage around them. This can cause much discomfort to a pet even if they don’t show it all the time. It can be a small sign or change such as: not walking up or down stairs like they used to, not jumping up onto the bed or out of the car, or taking them awhile to lay down or get up. When we are able to find the cause and location of discomfort, we can use the laser appropriately to help decrease inflammation of the area and ultimately decrease the pain.

You may see relief in the first few treatments as pain and inflammation are reduced. For more chronic or severe conditions, a series of treatments may be necessary before results are seen.

Each pet is different and each treatment is unique for your pet’s specific needs. You might even see a change in activity at home. For some, it might be increased activity, and for others, it might just be that they are more relaxed.

Laser therapy can play a big part in a multimodal pain management program. It can be used in addition with other medications or therapies and, in some cases, can help to decrease or possibly eliminate some medication use.

Maisie's Success Story

dog maisiePictured to the right is sweet, little Maisie. She is wearing her “doggles” (to protect her eyes) as she lays comfortably for her laser treatment!

On 8/19/19, Maisie started receiving laser treatments to her lumbosacral area due to arthritis. Her treatments started out as every other day for 2 weeks and now have decreased to once every 1- 2 weeks which seems to keep her comfortable.

As Maisie came in regularly for her treatments, you could tell that she started to become more relaxed. She was shaking less and seemed to enjoy her visits as she started to associate them with feeling better!

Only a few days after starting her treatments, Maisie’s owners were able to decrease her Gabapentin use (a pain medication she was taking regularly) from every 8 hours to now taking it as needed on a rare basis.

Laser therapy has been a positive way to keep Maisie happy and comfortable! Maisie’s owners voice that “she is full of energy and is happy for the rest of the day after receiving her treatment.” “She is even jumping out of the back seat of the car again which she wasn’t doing for a while even when she was on Gabapentin.”

Maisie is not the only pet that has benefited from laser therapy at the Animal Hospital of Verona, and she certainly won’t be the last!

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Laser therapy is a great therapeutic option with many positive benefits that can ultimately help improve the quality of life for your pet!

Please call us at 608-845- 6700 or visit our Laser Therapy page for more information on how this therapy may be able to help your pet.

This article was written by Kristin, a certified veterinary technician at Animal Hospital of Verona.