Marvin's Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis

  Cat Marvin Post Dental Extraction
  Marvin is feeling much better
these days!

Marvin is a friendly 1 1/2 year old cat that was experiencing persistent pain and gum inflammation in his mouth for the past year. It was determined by Dr. Hoelscher that Marvin had Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis, a disease of the feline oral cavity in which the local immune system becomes hyper-reactive to the presence of plaque and bacteria. Following extraction of most of his teeth, pain control, and medication to control the body's immune system, Marvin is on his way to feeling much better.

Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis - Before
Marvin's inflamed gums before
dental extraction.

Maggy's Retained Deciduous Canine Teeth

Dog Maggy at Animal Hospital of VeronaMaggy is a very cute Teddy Bear mix puppy who recently saw Dr. Smith to treat retained deciduous canine teeth (see Before photo). These teeth normally are lost on their own by a puppy at around 5 months of age. In some dogs these teeth are retained, and the "baby teeth" can then force the emerging adult teeth into the wrong position potentially causing pain, periodontal disease, and displacement of normal teeth.

Treatment of retained deciduous teeth involves using a general anesthesia, then making an incision in the gum tissue, carefully using a dental drill to remove bone around the retained tooth, and gentle elevation and removal of the tooth. The gum tissue is then sutured back into place with a fine absorbable suture.

The results: Happy Dog, Happy Family!

Canine Retained Baby Teeth - Before   Canine Retained Baby Teeth - After
Maggy's Teeth – BEFORE   Maggy's Teeth – AFTER